Edible Vegetation Transformation Drawing 478

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The essence and value of the "Performative Drawings" is to validate the fading and staining evolution and performative quality of the plant in and on the paper, which is evidence of their aliveness, chemistry and biology interacting with micro-organisms and elements in the air, and as evidence of the value of the method of direct application of living plants on paper.

This enlarged view captures the 2 year performative evolution of plants on paper, showing the visual evidence of fading and staining when comparing the documentation from 2012 to 2014

photo documentation in August 2014

Title:  Edible Vegetation Transformation Drawing  478

Date (of harvest and creation): September 2011

Medium: freshly harvested 
medicinal rudbeckia triloba flower petals and seeds on paper

Dimensions (hxw): 9" x 9"

Price: 400$

photo documentation in February 2012 - for comparison to documentation 2014

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